Elder Selection 2020

Dear Western Hills Church Family,

Thank you for reading this important letter and for your participation in this important part of WHC’S life. We have concluded our dedicated 14 days of prayer to prepare our hearts for starting the journey of selecting new Elders. We are now ready to begin the selection process. The current active Elders are so grateful that we have such wonderful dedicated Christian people who can be used by God in selecting this spiritual leadership team of the church.

In order to make wise choices we need to be informed about the nature of the role of elder and we need to be spiritually prepared as we make our recommendations. On the next page of this handout we’ve compiled a Q&A & MORE info sheet about the process and your participation in it. On the final page you’ll see the ELDER APPLICATION PROCESS where you can read through the Biblical purposes of elders, how that is fulfilled at WHC and the process we are using to select our church’s elders. We have attempted to make it self-explanatory but if it isn’t please let us know (Elders@WesternHills.org) and we’ll try to clarify anything that is unclear. We encourage you to use the Biblical Qualifications Area of that page to help focus your prayers.

Separate from this document is the ELDER RECOMMENDATION FORM. This is where you can read about how to make a recommendation of someone to serve as Elder and then do so.

Completed ELDER RECOMMENDATION FORMS may be submitted between October 29 and November 11, 2020. Please see the form for submission instructions.

Thank you for your service in this important part of the life of WHC.

May God grant us wisdom, grace and unity!


Pastor Karl

14 Days of Prayerful Supplication (October 15 – October 28, 2020)

14 Days of Member’s Recommendations (October 29 – November 11, 2020)

14 Days of Individual Consideration (November 15, 2020 – November 28, 2020)

  • Each person recommended and evaluated by current elders as eligible (meets basic requirements, such as the person has been a member of WHC for at least 12 months), will receive and be invited to apply to serve as a WHC Elder.

Period of Elder Education

  • 3 days of training in Biblical eldership and how elders serve at WHC.

Those completing the training and desiring to move forward will then come before WHC members in a Family Forum to share their testimony and their desire to serve as an elder. Then a Members Meeting is set to vote on the candidates. All who are approved by the church will then be ordained and installed as elders and begin serving at the first regularly scheduled elders meeting following approval.